The laparoscopy has radically changed the old order of open surgery to a new era of key-hole surgery. A laparoscope is a narrow tube that can be inserted into the abdominal cavity through a short incision and can be connected to a video monitor. highly trained and skilled surgeons are able to perform surgical procedures that previously required long incisions and prolonged periods of recovery.

The main advantages of laparoscopic surgery are:

  • Minimal hospital stay
  • Small incision
  • No blood loss
  • Negligible scar


The following advanced laparoscopic procedures are performed at KMC:

  • Biopsy
  • Laparoscopic removal of the gall bladder
  • Laparoscopic removal of the appendix
  • Laparoscopic gastro esophageal reflux procedures
  • Laparoscopic removal of the spleen
  • Laparoscopic division of adhesions
  • Laparoscopic excision of various abdominal tumors
  • Laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric banding
  • Laparoscopic repair of inguinal and ventral hernias


KMC’s committed to provide latest surgical techniques available to patients in order to improve their outcomes and their overall surgical experiences.

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