Antenata / Postnatal Ward Consisting of 20 hospital beds, which provide in-hospital antenatal care to both normally as well as complicated pregnancies. For more detailed information . Among these 32 beds, 12 beds are for providing postnatal care and newborn care.
Labour Ward Consisting of 10 delivery beds and 1 operation theatre, which provide delivery suite services including both spontaneous and operative deliveries. For information about Information on Significant Others Accompany Labour and Photo Taking in Labour Room or pain relief during labour.
Postnatal Ward Consist of 20 hospital beds, which provide post-delivery maternal, neonatal care, and breast feeding promotion activities. For more information,
Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic Down’s Syndrome screening programme
Obstetrics Provide dating Scans to all patients from Ambulatory Care Centre. Subsequent or serial ultrasound scans are provided to clinically indicated patients.
Outpatient Clinic Provides outpatient services to referred patients and hospital discharged patients.
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